Recipe Roundup

Recipe Roundup is a fictitious company I created for an application buildout. This forced me to consider screen readability, image sizing and quality, app store

Gift Wrap

For this project, we were to choose one of the seven deadly sins or seven life-giving virtues and create a series of gift wrappers from hand


This was a miscellaneous project for the promotion of our local triathlon. This was my first time playing with clipping mask, and it was too


Fizz is an annual periodical, loaded with gut and immunity-boosting recipes and tips. Focused primarily on the lost art of fermentation and cooking delicious meals


In my Print and Production 2 class, I was assigned the task of creating a logo and packaging for a pizza company marketed towards computer

Accentuate the Positive

What are some words you try to live by? You have forty–eight hours to design a poster with those inspiring words. That was our prompt. Forty–eight hours

Screen Graphics

As a junior designer for Chattanooga State Community College, I was tasked with creating advertisements and event posters for the school. Below are some of

Dandy Lions

Dandy Lions started as a simple logo design project, but its personality captivated me, and blossomed into a small business campaign. With this personalized stationery,